Junior Program

Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants Junior Program
The Nova Scotia Colony of Mayflower Descendants adminstrates the Canadian Junior Membership program for the Canadian Society. Junior memberships are permitted under the General Society of Mayflower Descendants Constitution – Article IV Section 8. Junior members are not members of the General Society, as they have not filed documented linage papers. They are not assigned a GSMD nor a regular CSMD number, rather they do receive a special Junior Canadian Number (e.g. CSMD J-28)
Junior members will each receive a certificate of membership and will then be enrolled in our program and receive fun updates and information about the Mayflower Society. Juniors between the ages of 6 and 12 will receive mailings and activities and information, while older Juniors may elect to receive information by e-mail or social media. The purpose of the program is to introduce young people to their ancestry, and in a fun way promote what it means to be descended from the people who came on the Mayflower. Simply stated, a Junior between the ages of birth through age 18, may become a member by being sponsored by a GSMD relative who has a proven line that can be extended to include the Junior Member. Lineage does not have to be proven for the Junior; however, the sponsor must be a CSMD member and will fill out an application (see link below) which contains the sponsor's GSMD and Canadian numbers and the sponsor's ancestor. The cost for Junior’s joining this program is a one-time fee of $25. Usual sponsors are immediate family relatives such as parents, grandparents, or other close relatives who hold Canadian Society membership.
A member in good standing in the Canadian Society may make application for Junior Membership for any person under age 18 who has a proven lineage by blood through the same line used by the approved sponsoring member. The application may be approved and accepted by the Canadian Junior Membership Committee upon completion and acceptance of the form and the required $25 (Canadian) fee. Junior members may not vote, hold office, or count toward a quorum in Canadian Society or Canadian Colony meetings, but are encouraged to attend. At age 18, a Junior may become a regular member provided lineage papers are completed and approved in the usual manner, including payment of fees due at that time. Junior members who take no action upon reaching the age of 25 will be removed from the rolls of the Society.
Junior Membership application form here.
Please direct any questions to:
Bill Curry @ 902.649.2428 or bill@billcurry.ca