Mayflower Passengers

The first step in becoming a “proven” Mayflower descendant is to make a line going from you back through each generation to your Mayflower ancestor. As the Nova Scotia Colony, we would be pleased to help you in advancing your research. A really good “first step” is to look at our list of the Mayflower Passengers and look at the lines and see if you’ve got anything that dovetails in current lists – that would mean you’d have a lot less research to prove. Secondly, we would gladly assist by offering to take any information you have (starting with you and your parents and grandparents) and we can offer a quick “check back” in our databases to see if we think you could have Mayflower ancestry that we know of and how much of it is proven. Finally, there are many good webpages that describe how to begin to look for your Mayflower lineage and prove your descent -the best place to start is with the The Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants. There, you will note the application procedure, what constitutes proof and what kind of research you will need to undertake. The General Society of Mayflower Descendants may also help, they have a service which for a small fee will take any prospective line and tell you how far back anything is documented. It is advisable to start with what you know, yourself and your parents, and work backwards from there.
The List of Mayflower passengers known to have left descendants:
John Alden
Bartholomew Allerton
Isaac Allerton
Mary Norris Allerton
Mary Allerton
Remember Allerton
Elinor Billington
Francis Billington
John Billington
William Bradford
Love Brewster
Mary Brewster
William Brewster
Peter Browne
James Chilton
Mrs. James Chilton
Mary Chilton
Francis Cooke
John Cooke
Edward Doty
Francis Eaton
Samuel Eaton
Sarah Eaton
Moses Fletcher
Edward Fuller
Mrs. Edward Fuller
Samuel Fuller
Samuel Fuller (son of Edward)
Constance Hopkins
Elizabeth Fisher Hopkins
Giles Hopkins
Stephen Hopkins
John Howland
Richard More
Priscilla Mullins
William Mullins
Degory Priest
Joseph Rogers
Thomas Rogers
Henry Samson
George Soule
Myles Standish
Elizabeth Tilley
John Tilley
Joan Hurst Tilley
Richard Warren
Peregrine White
Resolved White
Susanna White
William White
Edward Winslow

The Nova Scotia Colony has members who have proven their lines to one or more Mayflower passengers and some members have generously allowed us to publish these lines here so that people searching for their ancestry can see what a proven line looks like, and maybe find an ancestor! We will be adding links to passengers as more are proven and we also, once we have a proven line up, will add probable lines that may also help. Any member who would be willing to share their line only needs get in touch with Bill Curry, and he will gladly put your line up for others to learn from.